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Out of the box

2.7.2013 21:00:02

Before the hot summer brings the much-anticipated carefree holiday, let us take pleasure in completing this season’s Out of the Box Seminars in your company. To make a temporary farewell easier and the holidays well-deserved, we made the last Wednesday of June a day of three sunny seminars, that have been prepared for your enjoyment.


Andrej A. Chiaiutta and Tatjana Jerebinšek are lecturers that will work together to show the Art of Living. Numerous studies have shown that even simple breathing techniques and meditation can help improve our quality of life. Learn how you too can reduce stress and become more successful in meeting the challenges of day-to-day life.
Natural Hygiene 2.0 will help us get to know some new, non-obsolete lifestyles that can help us improve our general well-being and health. As a student of healthy lifestyle and animal rights activist, Matjaž Kovše will present the philosophy called ‘natural hygiene’.
26. 6. | 19:00 | Živa dvorišča, Orožnova 7, Maribor

Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
Programme cofinancé par le Fonds Européen Développement Régional.

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